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You are one step away from experiencing the best Pantanal tours with a specialist safari company in the Pantanal. Get up close and personal with all the wonders of the Pantanal wildlife safari tours, which offer a huge variety of animal species. There are several packages for Pantanal tours in Brazil available for groups or even individuals. Count on a team of professionals for an unforgettable knowledge trip!  

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Have you ever imagined getting to know jungle life with ecological Pantanal tours? Now it's possible! Here, you can count on an agency specializing in Pantanal tours. Take photos with jaguars in the Pantanal and safely capture this unforgettable trip. We are located in Mato Grosso, the true gateway to the Pantanal. An immeasurable wealth of wildlife that you only see in books and photos. We offer facilitated plans for all types of groups with incredible prices Count on promotional packages for group or private tours. There are several options for getting to know jungle life up close with the Pantanal Tours service. Come see the Pantanal jaguar, giant otter, and other iconic endangered species up close In addition to local guides, we have our own photographers for greater security in your records. The entire team is highly trained and qualified for contact with jungle animals and the safety of all tourists. Moreover, we have knowledge of all the fauna and flora of the Pantanal to make your trip a true practical lesson. We are specialists in Pantanal tours and organize private tours exclusively for you in the Pantanal. Organize your private event with those who understand. Our agency specializes in Pantanal tours. Our local guides have extensive knowledge to share with you all the details of the jungle. This will certainly be a wild trip to the Pantanal safaris that will mark your life!

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For a better Pantanal tour, count on wildlife specialists and English-speaking guides to provide all the necessary knowledge on your trip! We serve filming companies, tourists, TV programs, and blogs with a complete team.

There are several Pantanal tour packages divided among the main excursion areas for the public. Get to know the large and small species, the jaguars, the otters, and even the vast birdlife that only the Pantanal houses!

The entire tour is in English with fluent conversation about the riches of safari in Brazil! 

We offer a guarantee of safety with sightings of jaguars, birds, and exclusive tropical plants of the Pantanal

Get up close and safely see the most famous animal species in Brazil with ecological tours. Jaguars, tropical plants, giant otters, and all the wonders of the jungle. 

With luck, you may be able to observe anteaters, armadillos, deer, and blue macaws with our team of Pantanal specialists.

Jaguar in the Pantanal – Our agency has the largest jaguar sighting in the Pantanal – Leave everything to us, come and experience the Brazilian Pantanal and have an incredible experience

Invest in the best sighting for Pantanal tours with the travel agency with the largest jaguar sighting in the Pantanal. 

Don’t miss the opportunity for an incredible nature experience with the wonders that you can only find in Brazil.

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Wild Jaguar Photo Safari is a tourism operator specialized in tours in the Brazilian Pantanal. 

The Wild Jaguar Photo Safari agency is the best safari Pantanal agency for your trip. In addition to highly qualified professionals to guide every day of the tour, we also have local guides.

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