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In Pantanal Photography Tour doesn't matter if you’re a professional or an amateur photographer, a Pantanal Photo Safari experience in Northern Pantanal is unforgettable. With Pantanal landscapes and wildlife as your subject, there’s something new to capture around every corner. Take home some of your best Pantanal memories.
Pantanal Photography Tour: Boat 
Pantanal is arguably one of the best photo safari destinations in the world. One of the last remaining wildlife sanctuaries on earth, it’s rich in unspoiled landscapes and home to over 656 bird species and a wide variety of animals, some are being quite rare. In the Northern Pantanal, you will go on a Pantanal Photography Tour in comfortable motor boats. This allows you to glide through the water and the low angle of the boat is perfect for taking photos. The boats are equipped with silences motors and canopy witch protect you of the rain and the sun. The boat was further modified and fitted with adjustable seats that can swivel 180 degrees, allowing for maximum flexibility and unusual camera angles.

Pantanal Photography Tour: Bush Walk 
One of the best ways to see Pantanal in all her glory is on foot. One of finest wildlife retreats, it’s a paradise for safari enthusiasts. The highly skilled and experienced guides will lead you through the Pantanal and show you how they track game, point out all the small things you wouldn’t normally notice, and give you insight into Pantanal and its creatures. With over 600 bird species and 236 different mammal’s species, you will never run out of scenes to capture in this magnificent place. A photographic walking safari gives you an entirely different perspective and an understanding of how precious these animals and landscapes really are and why they should be protected.
Pantanal Photography Tour from a Hide
Some lodges in Pantanal offer unobstructed views of the flooded places where animals gather. Even though you can often see them without even leaving the lodge, the best way to get the perfect photos of them from a hide, giving guests the perfect view of all the action.
Why Choose Pantanal for Photo Tour ?
  • Pantanal is home to several unique animals that cannot be found anywhere else in the world
  • The sunsets are a photographer’s dream
  • Untouched, varied landscapes
  •  Guides are highly skilled in tracking as well as photography
  • The best equipments to better photographers comfort
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