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Who is Wild Jaguar Photographic Safaris?

Wild Jaguar Photographic Safaris is a Brazilian tour agency located in Cuiaba, the capital of Mato Grosso and the gateway to Pantanal. We focus our tours on the wonders of the Pantanal wetlands which is home to a huge variety of iconic species, including the majestic jaguar and the endangered giant river otter. Our services are aimed for wildlife enthusiasts, birdwatchers and photographers. We always provide experienced guides that seek the best possible wildlife viewing opportunities for our clients. With top quality service and the finest prices for both individuals and groups, Wild Jaguar Photographic Safaris offers a distinctive service. 

We offer a variety of Pantanal wildlife tours including; birdwatching, wildlife, and jaguar photography tours. All of our tours and activities are guided by highly trained local guides who are not only great in spotting wildlife but also understanding the behavior of the animals and sharing all insights on both Fauna and Flora. 

Our number one mission is to achieve a wildlife experience that will last a lifetime and always maintaining an excellent customer service. We differentiate from other tour operators from our high standards on safety, bi-lingual guides, top equipment and the best possible wildlife viewing opportunities. 

Here’s why you should book your Northern Pantanal safari with us

We know you have a lot of choice when it comes to booking your Northern Pantanal safari, so what is it that makes Wild Jaguar Photographic Safaris stand out from the herd?

Made in Pantanal 

We have direct relationships with all suppliers across Pantanal. Based in Cuiabá, we’re on the ground which allows us to cut out booking agents and other middlemen, delivering you the best pricing possible.  

We Wish the Best For You 

We’ve slept in the beds, tasted the food, met the people and seen the wildlife. Then we went back and did it all again, just to be sure. We’ll keep on going back to ensure that what we recommend is perfect for you. 

Experience Local Guides 

It is extremely important that you have an expert and qualified guide. That is why we choose the best local guides to guide you in the Pantanal, people who born and raised in the Wetland, acquiring a big knowledge of the local wildlife.

High Standard of Service 

The services offered make all the difference on your trip, we select the lodges and services with the same care that you would select. We offer a high standard of transportation, accommodation and comfort. 

Tailor-made Itineraries

We’ll tailor-make your trip to suit your individual needs and requirements rather than simply asking you to choose from set options. Through this method we create your dream trip, and help you take home the best stories you’ll ever tell.

Price Guarantee

Through our volume and direct relationships, we will ensure that you never pay more than you should. We’re so confident that if you manage to somehow find the same holiday for less, we’ll beat it!

Wild Jaguar Photographic Safaris’s Team

Eduarda Fernandes, CEO & Founder of Wild Jaguar Photographic Safaris is a Brazilian wildlife naturalist guide focused on Jaguar film and photographic safaris, born and raised in Cuiabá Mato Grosso. After graduating she moved to Pantanal and spent her time learning and acquiring local knowledge with ”Pantaneiros” (the people that live in the Pantanal). Developing a passion for wildlife and learning with pioneers she has extensive experience in leading wildlife tour in Pantanal and ample experienced working in extreme environments.

Working in a “macho” world of guides and boat drivers –
her passion & strong personality broke many norms and prejudices as one of the only women guides and boat drivers. Time and great efforts have brought her to be an experienced guide and tour leader in Pantanal, developing and leading photography and filming crew in Pantanal.

Eduarda Fernandes created the Wild Jaguar Photographic Safaris, wanting to offer a different level of tourism in the Pantanal. Perfecting every little detail from the reservation to the realization of ones dream trip. Eduarda strives to make sure that everything will be truly unforgettable. Eduarda is proud for her company to be a part of tourism conservation efforts. Her agency will commit to donating 10% of all profits to local social and conservation projects. Actively participating in social and conservation projects, Eduarda fights for sustainable tourism for both the local people and the local fauna.

João Paulo Co-founder of Wild Jaguar Photographic Safaris, was born and raised in the Pantanal. The son of a native Pantanerio, João Paulo is following in his fathers footsteps by stepping outside the Falcão family history. They have stopped working with the cattle industry and moved into ecological tourism and jaguar conservation, turing their ranch into a ecological paradise.

João Paulo has divided all of his time between the Pantanal and the city, taking care of the family business and studying. After graduating he dedicated his passion to tourism in the Pantanal. Today Joao is manager of one of the first lodges that ever offered jaguar viewing tours, founded by his father Eduardo Falcão.

Joãos valuable family experience makes him a perfect fit for Wild Jaguar Photographic Safaris. He is a dedicated photographer and his work is used for the social networks of both businesses. João is proud to be one of the few children of Pantanal who will carry on their family’s legacy.

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