Pantanal Birdwatching

Pantanal Birdwatching

Pantanal is one of the most rich areas in terms of fauna and flora including 232 species of mammals and over 600 species of birds , and that is why our Pantanal Birdwatching service is one of the most popular ones. If you wish to hire a package to get to know all species up close, check out what we can offer you! Ensuring a fantastic experience when visiting Pantanal in Brazil requires attention to the service you hire.  At our agency, besides the best packages, you have access to English-speaking guides who are experts in birds of all species that inhabit our Pantanal. Visit the strategic spots to watch birds in Pantanal (Pantanal Birdwatching) with our Team!

Birdwatching in Pantanal with naturalist guides with years of experience

Visiting Pantanal with the help of those who understand the entire region's fauna and flora is a great differential for your trip.  After all, it will be possible to know strategic places to observe the birds that inhabit our Pantanal. By hiring Wild Jaguar Photo Safari, you will receive all the services of naturalist guides who are experts in birds. Our guides will take you to the most beautiful places in the region where you will find the rarest species with the best birdwatching tours. So, don't waste time and look for those who understand the subject.

Welcome to Pantanal Brazil - Pantanal Birdwatching tours for all types of groups at incredible prices

Wild Jaguar Photo Safari has several packages for birdwatching in Pantanal. It is time to get to know all the beauties that Pantanal offers, observe the birds, and take those wonderful records in Brazil. We have package options starting at US$510. Additionally, there are price variations according to the number of days contracted for birdwatching in Brazil. Close the best birdwatching package in Pantanal with us, alone or in groups.

Strategic locations for photography with sightings of native fauna and flora of the Brazilian Pantanal region

Life in Pantanal has its peculiarities, especially birds that follow their species' habits. Therefore, it is essential to know strategic places that make birdwatching possible. With our guides, get to know places to take pictures of birds. Ensure the best birdwatching tours with English-speaking guides.

Here you can see bird species that are only found in Pantanal

As you well know, some birds only inhabit Brazil, specifically the Pantanal region. Therefore, the bird tour offered by our team is a perfect opportunity to observe and get to know these rare species up close. Our Pantanal Birdwatching service is committed to presenting ema, irerê, cabeça-seca, tachã, perdiz, among others. Species that you can only find on our Pantanal bird tour.

Let us connect you with the soul of Northern Pantanal

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Our English-speaking guides – Guarantee of safety with sightings of many exclusive tropical species in Pantanal

One of the highlights of our team is that most of our guides are fluent in English, facilitating communication for the bird photo tour. 

We also guarantee your safety in observing birds in Pantanal (Pantanal Birdwatching)!

We offer high-quality accommodation and the best expedition boat in the region

In addition to excellent wildlife photography in Pantanal, we offer comfortable accommodation for your jungle days and excellent boat transportation service.

With our agency, you will have a complete and incredible bird tour in Pantanal!

Wild Jaguar Photo Safari is a tourism operator specialized in Pantanal Birdwatching tours

If you want to take a bird tour in Pantanal, do not waste time and contact us. With Wild Jaguar Photo Safari, you will be ensuring a great travel photo.

We have English-speaking guides who are experts in the Pantanal wildlife to introduce and assist you in birdwatching.

Get in touch with one of our representatives, we would be thrilled to assist you and provide you with the best experience of your life with a safari.