Pantanal Birdwatching

Pantanal is a fantastic place for a birdwatching holiday, as the range of different environments make for a widely diverse bird population. The rich fauna and flora of the Pantanal influenced by Cerrado, Chaco, Amazon rainforest and Atlantic forest provides enormous number of bird species. A vast seasonally flooded wetland, the Pantanal is renowned among birders around the world as an easy place for good views of large numbers of Water-birds – egrets, storks, ibises, cormorants, ducks, falcons and several species of parrots, including the magnificent hyacinth and golden collared macaw. Most Pantanal specialties are found here year around, with the larger concentration of Water-birds occurring towards the begins of the low-water season, between June and November. Meet our tours: Top Deals, Jaguar Tours, Wildlife Tours, Photography Tours, Group Tours, Workshop Photography. For birdwatching Contact us.

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