Fotographic Safari

9 nights | August 01st to 10th. Special and single wildlife sightings.

What to expect

Enjoy your wildlife trip on a tour that makes a difference and leaves a legacy in Northern Pantanal. Embark on a journey into the heart of Pantanal, where you can connect with the wildest jaguar habitat. Experience the excitement of a Jaguar Safari in the best place to observe them. Expect exciting and unforgettable sightings and the best opportunities to photograph during your stay. 

This is an exclusive tour for photographers with number of 4 pax maximum for better comfort.  

Able to be a private tour as customers preference. Contact us for a tailor-made private safari quotation.

Maximum people in a collective group: 4 pax

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Tour duration: 09 nights/ 10 days



US$ 900 Additional for single supplement


Able to be a private tour as customers preference. Contact us for a tailor-made private safari quotation.

Maximum Pax: 4 people

Minimum Pax: 2 People

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  • transfers
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  • trips as stated


  • personal expenses
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  • laundry
  • visa
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August 01st – 10th, 2022 | Only 1 available spot


Rio Claro Lodge

Pouso Alegre Lodge

Santa Rosa Pantanal Hotel | State Park Meeting of Water


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Let us connect you with the soul of Northern Pantanal

1º Day

Arrival - Porto Jofre - State Park Meeting of Water (5 nights)

Your bilingual guide will pick you up at the Cuiaba airport and you’ll begin your 5-6 hour journey to the heart of the Pantanal—Porto Jofre. The first part of the trip is about one hour 100km along a asphalt road to Poconé, which is capital of the Pantanal and the last city before entering the world’s largest wetland. From Poconé you will take the famous Transpantaneira Highway, where you’ll find optimal locations to photograph and observe wildlife. Arriving at the lodge in the late afternoon, your accommodation and dinner will be at a hotel in Porto Jofre – State Park.

2ª to 6ª Day

Porto Jofre - State Park Meeting of Water

The State Park occupies a vast tract of land in the hearth of Pantanal. It’s a huge reserve in the region and home of the majestic Jaguar the most special water-birds. It’s a single best place to do boat trips, birdwatching and photography. Experience the Jaguar Safari
in the principal rivers of Mato Grosso.
Mornings start early in the Pantanal; breakfast early and leaving as soon as possible for better photo shoot opportunities (You can adjust the time of breakfast with your guide).
We will leave the hotel in a motorboat looking for jaguars in the tributaries of the Meeting of the Waters State Park, this is one of the three largest protect areas in Pantanal. With a high density of jaguar prey, including caiman and large groups of
capybara, this location offers you the best chance to see a jaguar attack.

When the water of the Pantanal is at its lowest, from June till November, and the banks
of the rivers become exposed, jaguars ar often found resting and hunting along the river’s edge. We will also encounter other interesting wildlife, including Giant Otters, Neotropical Otters, Caimans, Capibaras, Tapirs, Yellow Anaconda, Howler Monkeys, Capuchin Monkeys and many birds species including the magnificent Touco Toucan and the endangered Hyacinth Macaw. Often we enjoy our lunch watching the jaguar.
Don’t worry, there will be plenty of opportunities to take a safe bathroom breaks on the beach as necessary. We believe that you are looking for the best Pantanal jaguar
experience and we know that jaguars can be very unpredictable, so we choose not to miss a moment and bring everything we need with us so you never lose an unforgettable memory.

6ª to 8ª Day

Pouso Alegre (2 nights).

Move from Porto Jofre to Pouso Alegre Lodge.
The gateway to see iconic species of mammals, reptiles and birds. It’s the largest single-owner reserve in the region and is loved for safari car drives, bush walks, birdwatching and countless photographic opportunities.

8º to 10º Day

Rio Claro (2 nights).

Move to Rio Claro Lodge, Around 15 km from Pouso Alegre.
The only reserve in Pantanal that is possible to observe the resplendent Agami Heron and the Black Hooded Paraket. Home of birds species only found at Rio
Claro. They have a mix of beautiful landscape and wildlife sightings. Prepare to have great opportunities to photograph the most coveted animals.

10º Day:

Leave to the lodge in time for the flight. End of the trip.

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