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How much does a safari trip in Brazil cost? everything you need to know

Wondering how much a safari trip in Brazil costs? So, you are in the right place, because from now on we are going to talk about this tour that takes you up close to see majestic animals and the most beautiful Fauna and Flora of the country. how much a safari trip in Brazil costs: […]

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Know everything about the Pantanal of Brazil

Due to its beauty and outstanding biodiversity, the Pantanal of Brazil is recognized as a World Heritage Site, however, despite being a very well preserved area in our country, it is at risk of disappearing. The Pantanal in Brazil is marked by its pleasant temperature, which is around 25ºC, but in winter the thermometers can […]

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Pantanal Safari: 5 birds you find in the Pantanal

There is no denying the wealth of birds species in the Pantanal, which give the place a unique beauty that enchants all visitors. Therefore, it is not uncommon to find people in love with birds who are dedicated to traveling to this destination in order to obtain the best clicks and thus catalog the rare […]

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What are the best places to go on vacation? Find out here!

Beach or safari? City or mountain? Cold or heat? Choosing the next destination is a big challenge when we want to go on vacation. That’s why we love to list the best places to go on vacation. One of the most anticipated moments in the lives of those who work all year long is the […]

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Where to find the jaguar? Understand about the habits of this feline

Anyone who wants to know where to find the jaguar should keep in mind that they will need to bet on safaris in the wetland, as the largest cat in the American continent is strongly present in it. Despite originating in the southwestern United States, reaching as far north as Argentina, jaguars are extinct in […]

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