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Group tour in the Pantanal to observe the jaguar

Visiting the Pantanal is always a big surprise, the marshy region is home to several animals and, as they live differently in the countryside, we never know which and where we will find them. If you dream of seeing a jaguar up close, this is also the right destination and, for that, you can take a tour of the Pantanal to observe a jaguar with a wild jaguar.

Group Tours in the Pantanal

Cuiabá is the ideal destination for spotting jaguars, located at the end of the Transpantaneira Highway, at km 147. Cuiabá is on the border between the state of Mato Grosso and Mato Grosso do Sul.

The main rivers in the Cuiabá Region are the Cuiabá River, the Piquiri River, the São Lourenço River, the Negrinho River, the Três Irmãos River and the Paraguay River. It is these stretches that jaguars can be observed very easily.

jaguar in the pantanal

Also known as Jaguar, the jaguar is the largest cat in the Americas. In Brazil, the jaguar is listed by IBAMA (2003) as threatened with extinction and, globally, it is known as almost threatened (IUCN, 2008).

In Pantanal rivers we have the opportunity to find the greatest number of them, but also evidence of habitat loss and hunting.

With Wild Jaguar you have the opportunity to take a group trip in Brazil to observe jaguars.

We emphasize that, in addition to the safety of the tour, Wild Jaguar develops Sustainable Tourism and has in its team Pantaneiros Guides, with high knowledge of the flora and fauna of the region, ensuring varied activities so that the tourist can contemplate the Pantanal while preserving what is available. best in it, wildlife.

Accommodation in the Pantanal

You already know that the ideal place for your stay in the Pantanal is with Wild Jaguar Safaris. In addition to an excellent location in the city of Cuiabá, with a first-rate service, making you feel at home, and having the opportunity to have fun and rest without having to worry about anything.

Our accommodations also leave nothing to be desired and you can visit every corner.

Enjoy and guarantee your reservation. We will love to participate in this very special trip through the Pantanal with you.

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