Pantanal Wildlife Holiday: 7 tips to create the best itinerary 

Pantanal Wildlife Holiday: 7 tips to create the best itinerary 

Are you thinking about doing a Pantanal Wildlife Holiday? 

Here we will give you 7 keys to create the best itinerary for a Holiday in the Pantanal. 

Do you know what you have to know about the Pantanal before you start to plan your Pantanal Holiday? 

  • What is the best time to visit the Pantanal? 
  • How many days do you have to stay?
  • How to arrive in the Pantanal? 

These are the 3 of 7 tips that we will give to you. 

At the end of this content you will find single best itineraries that will take you to the best Pantanal Trip. 

How to start to plan my Pantanal Wildlife Holiday?

To start to plan your Pantanal Wildlife Holiday you have to find the right company who will help you with single information. 

Some informações will be as essential for your Pantanal Trip as you ever dreamed. 

Below you find 7 tips to plan your perfect Pantanal holiday itinerary! 

1.The best time to do a Pantanal Wildlife Holiday.

The best period to do a Pantanal Holiday is from June to November.

Is when the level of water gets lowest and animals including Jaguars get closer to the rivers to rest, drink water and hunt. 

2.How to arrive for my Pantanal Holiday?

To arrive for your Pantanal wildlife holiday you have to buy a flight into Marechal Rondon Airport, in the city of Cuiabá, the Capital of Mato Grosso in the center of Brazil and the gateway to the Pantanal. 

3.How many days stay? 

Minimum of 8 nights and 9 days. 

You can choose fewer days, but we do not recommend you to do that if you want to have a special pantanal wildlife time. 

At least 8 nights is the minimum to get different and single sightings of different animal species. 

4.Where to go on my Pantanal Trip? 

You may have to go to Northern Pantanal, Porto Jofre where you will only be 10 min from the Meeting of the Water state park

Northern Pantanal, Porto Jofre was mentioned by Wanderlust, one of the biggest websites about travel advice as the best place to see and photograph wild jaguars in the world. 

But also you can divide your trip in different locations in the Pantanal. 

Pantanal has many different areas to visit and to get as many animal species as possible, you can divide your time between two or three different locations. 

In porto Jofre you will see the jaguars, giant river otters, monkeys and many different bird species.

But to get more animal species, you may have to stay at least in one more location. 

Dividing your trip in different locations will give you the possibility of seeing animals like the giant anteater, tapir and much more.

5.What is the best time to see Jaguars hunting?

The best time to see jaguars hunting is from the beginning of August to the end of october.

It’s the apex of the dry season and in consequence caimans and capybaras get unprotected by flood waters.

If you are a photographer and are looking for a good opportunity to photograph a jaguar hunting a caiman, choose to do your pantanal wildlife holiday in the period of beginning of August to the end of October. 

6.How to choose the company with the right equipment?

Maybe this is the best tip that I will give to you. Choosing the company with the right equipment is the key to having the best Pantanal Wildlife Holiday. 

During the Jaguar Safari you will spend sometimes all day out shooting and your boat has to be comfortable enough to not have a bad time out. 

Is extreme important to have a right boat with good opportunities of different picture angles.

Also, Pantanal has a very warm climate and during the dry season the weather can get above 48ºc. 

Scared of this information? Take a look at the 5 basic questions that you should ask the company when you start to book your Pantanal Wildlife trip. 

  • Is the boat covered by a good removable canopy? 
  • Are the seats comfortable enough to sit all day?
  • Is the boat possible to have different angles including the low one?
  • Is the boat equipped with a silent 4 stroke enger? 
  • Is boat Driver experience enough to find and get the best sightings?

With the right equipment, your Pantanal Wildlife Holiday will be unforgettable. 


7.Price for my Pantanal Wildlife Holiday 

The price for your Pantanal Wildlife holiday will probably be charged in dollars and per night. 

Prices vary according to the client’s wishes. The number of days, the number of people in a group and if the trip is customized or private define the value of a Pantanal Holiday. 

The best way to know the price for your Pantanal dream trip is by sending an email with all the information that we suggested above. 

Enquire now and receive a quotation in 24hours.

Why choose Wild Jaguar PhotoSafari for my Pantanal Wildlife Holiday?

We know you have a lot of choice when it comes to booking your Pantanal Wildlife Trip, so what is it that makes Wild Jaguar Photographic Safaris stand out from the herd?

Made in Pantanal 

We have direct relationships with all suppliers across Pantanal. 

Based in Cuiabá, we’re on the ground which allows us to cut out booking agents and other middlemen, delivering you the best pricing possible.  

We Wish the Best For your Pantanal Wildlife Holiday 

We’ve slept in the beds, tasted the food, met the people and seen the wildlife. 

Then we went back and did it all again, just to be sure. 

We’ll keep on going back to ensure that what we recommend is perfect for you

Experience Local Guides 

It is extremely important that you have an expert and qualified guide.

That is why we choose the best local guides to guide you in the Pantanal, people who were born and raised in Northern Pantanal, acquiring a big knowledge of the local wildlife.

High Standard of Service 

The services offered make all the difference on your trip, we select the lodges and services with the same care that you would select. 

We offer a high standard of transportation, accommodation and comfort. 

Tailor-made Itineraries

We’ll tailor-make your trip to suit your individual needs and requirements rather than simply asking you to choose from set options. 

Through this method we create your dream trip, and help you take home the best stories you’ll ever tell.

What a Pantanal Wildlife holiday will offer to me?

A pantanal Wildlife holiday will bring you some unique and unforgettable moments in the heart of the biggest waterland in the world.

Photographer and experienced traveler falls in love with the pantanal at the moment of arrivement. 

Every corner there is something new to discover and photograph. 

  • 3.500 species of plants 
  • 656 species of birds 
  • 263 species of fish 
  • 132 species of mammals 
  • 41 species of amphibians 
  • 113 species of reptiles 

Forget everything that you know about animal behavior in the wildlife and experience the wildest and most extreme feelings during your Pantanal Wildlife holiday. 

In this content you learned how to create the perfect itinerary for your Pantanal Wildlife Holiday. 

Did you find this content valid? 

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In this way  they will also discover how to put together the perfect itinerary for a Pantanal Holiday.

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Check out and find the best option for you.

We are open and ready to welcome you. 


Eduarda Fernandes

CEO & Founder

Eduarda, CEO & Founder of Wild Jaguar Photographic Safaris is a Brazilian wildlife naturalist guide focused on Jaguar film and photographic safaris, born and raised in Cuiabá Mato Grosso. Time and great efforts have brought her to be an experienced guide and tour leader in Pantanal, developing and leading photography and filming crew in Pantanal.


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