Pantanal Safari: 5 birds you find in the Pantanal

Pantanal Safari: 5 birds you find in the Pantanal

There is no denying the wealth of birds species in the Pantanal, which give the place a unique beauty that enchants all visitors. Therefore, it is not uncommon to find people in love with birds who are dedicated to traveling to this destination in order to obtain the best clicks and thus catalog the rare species found in the Pantanal. Do you want to know 5 species of birds from the Pantanal? Continue reading this post.

Pantanal Safari: 5 birds you find in the Pantanal

The Pantanal is part of the migratory birds route, due to the abundance of food in the region. This allows them to be nourished enough to go through the natural process of their lives, such as moulting feathers and gaining fat as a store of energy to carry out activities inherent to their species. Get to know the 5 species of birds in the Pantanal now:

1. Curicaca

This is the favorite bird of those looking for physical beauty, sharp and powerful singing. When several birds of this species come together, they are able to promote a harmonious and enchanting chorus song. Therefore, this is a species that is part of the dawn song that echoes daily at dawn, making the environment even more peaceful.

The meeting of the species that make up the great dawn coral in the Pantanal is considered the largest bird song encounter in the world.

 2. Tuiuiú

Known as the symbol of the Pantanal, this is one of the most beautiful and imposing birds in the region. It is also known as Jaburu or Stork, with its enormous length, which can reach 1.40 meters measuring from beak to toe. Its color harmony contrasts black and white with a rose detail that looks more like a feather necklace around this beautiful bird’s neck.

3. Ema

Considered the largest bird in the Pantanal, it can weigh up to 35 kilos. Its size and physical structure are not favorable for flight, which is why it is considered a bird of the land.

4. Arara vermelha

The mix of colors with a special emphasis on red is one of the highlights of this so beautiful bird, which unfortunately is in extinction. One of the characteristics of this species is that it does not live alone, it prefers to always walk in groups or with its partner. The preferred place to form their nests are holes in trees or rocks.

5. Tucano-açu

Considered one of the symbol birds, its physical beauty is the biggest highlight of this species with its large beak of vibrant colors. Although its natural habitat is in the Pantanal, this species can be found in all regions of Brazil.

How to visit the Pantanal to see the region’s native birds

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