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Certainly the experience of making a Rainforest Near Rio De Janeiro will provide you with unique and incredible sensations for your entire life. Enjoy direct contact with a very rich ecosystem with a vast biodiversity in fauna, flora and animal species that can only be witnessed in this place.

Rainforest Near Rio De Janeiro is home to the wettest lands on the planet and home to thousands of exotic species. Many compare the wetland to a true paradise located in the heart of South America.

At the end of the rainy season, the wetland is overflowing with life, a cycle that repeats itself every year, presenting all the power of nature. Tropical waters are a source of balance and have a marine population found only in these rivers.

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Rainforest Near Rio De Janeiro

The climate, rivers, population, typical dishes are also a great sum so that this entire path becomes something remarkable and an immeasurable cultural exchange.

The jaguar is one of the main predators and is at the top of the food chain. This animal is so amazing and well adapted that it is capable of hunting both on land and in water. The jaguar’s camouflage makes it virtually invisible amidst the dense forest

Despite their nocturnal habits, the jaguars that live in the wetland are constantly seen during the day, even hunting. These jaguars are so incredible that they are capable of hunting even animals larger than themselves, their diet includes 87 animals.

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Jaguars are the largest cats that live on the continent and can reach 1.90m and weigh 135 kilograms. Its large powerful jaw and expressive canines are capable of reaching 910 kgf and the mouth opening reaches 13 cm.

Our guides have lived in the region for years and know the entire route very well so that you may be able to capture great moments with your camera.

We guarantee that you will take the best safari of your life and that your experience in Brazil will be unique and incredible.


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