Depoimento de Robyn Elman & Paul Steil

Robyn Elman & Paul Steil


There are so many operators to choose from for Jaguars on the river but we are SO happy we chose Eduarda and her team. It made the difference for the whole trip. She lives year round in the Pantanal. Rainy season and Dry season. It is her home – so she has an intimate knowledge of the area.

She KNOWS the jaguars and their behaviors. EVERY TIME she put our boat in the best position because she knew how the animal would move and behave.
She is also an incredible birder and is familiar with all the other wildlife of the Pantanal, and right before us, took professional videographers making a documentary – so she knows her stuff.

She is easy to communicate with, organized, professional and can customize the trip based on your interests.
She is also a licensed boat driver.
Duda brings lunches on the boat, so you can stay out all day and not miss any of the action – and enjoy the river when other boats are leaving.

She provided other “goodies” on the boat that no one else did. Not only waters, but juices, sodas, coconut waters (until I drank them all ), cakes, cookies, nuts, fruits and more! She even brought a whole fresh pineapple!

We can’t stress enough how important these things are to making your trip both successful and enjoyable! Take our advice – we saw how things worked there!

Thank you for making our entire week trip amazing. We can’t wait to come back for longer next year traveling throughout the area!