Depoimento de Dario Nessi

Dario Nessi


Just finished a 10 day trip with Wildjaguarsafaris in August 2021 to 3 different locations in the Pantanal. From start to finish it was absolutely incredible. I chose Wildjaguar originally because of the way they present themselves online: reliable, easy to communicate with, knowledgeable and with a strong focus on the animals/ nature of the Pantanal and at the same time giving a strong effort to provide their clients with the best experience possible. And it was exactly as I hoped: everything was well organized and ran smoothly. With long days of wildlifewatching and additional spotlighting at night, they did their best, to find all the species on my wishlist. In ten days we observed 17 different Jaguars, which were all immediately identified by our great Guide Abbie Martin. Working in the Pantanal since 9 years, on her Jaguar ID Project, we could not have wished for a more knowledgeable guide about these beautiful felines.
We had amazing sightings of natural predations, cubs and sometimes all of this for hours. Nedded to mention our great Captain Piu aswell, who always knew how to position the boat in the best way, and when and where to wait, to increase our chances of jaguar sightings.
Aside from that we saw loads of other species and beautiful locations of this incredible ecosystem.
I would highly recommend Wild Jaguar Safaris to anyone visiting the Pantanal.
(Only reason I am not sharing any photos right now, is because I am still going through the thousands of shots that I took)