Depoimento de Andy & Víctor

Andy & Víctor


Wild Jaguar Photographic Safaris is the best company of jaguar tours in Pantanal. Eduarda Fernandes is an amazing host, she is young, very professional and has an incredible knowledge about jaguars, wildlife, ecology and conservation. In our own experience we spent wonderful days with Wild Jaguar Safaris. Every day was fantastic, many jaguar sightings but also many many many species. This is a natural paradise in world and Eduarda knows who to create a great experience for each one and for your own needs.

We have the opportunity to talk with local people doing an amazing conservation efforts, to know the scientific work of Panthera organization, we also visited an indigenous community and of course, watching the incredible wildlife in Pantanal everyday on boat. Duda always explain you what are you seeing but also, why, furthermore she is a very professional captain on her both and give you snacks services that not all the other companies have.
The boat that we used is a great opportunity for amateur and professional photographers, and of course also for tourists.

We slept in Santa Rosa Lodge, it was an awesome experience. The food delicious every day, the people working there was also very kindly and the rooms perfect. We was one day in Jaguar Ecological Reserve Lodge in the transpantaneira road and was also a fantastic experience, and they do an amazing conservation efforts.

Thank you for everything Duda, it was an unforgettable expedition with you, Natalia, Joao Paulo, Eduardo, Rafael, Abi, Jose, Georginho and everyone who share their knowledge with us, and for give us your confidence in this wonderful mexican project.

Pantanal is from another world, take for sure that we will back to Pantanal many times!.
Thank you for everything!.

Kind regards from Andy, Borre and Víctor, with love, many hugs from Mexico!. ✌🏼🐆🇧🇷🇲🇽