Where to go on safari? Best countries to go on safari!

Where to go on safari? Best countries to go on safari!

Where to go on safari? This is a big question for anyone looking for an adventure close to wildlife.

Imagine being next to alligators, camels and elephants that you only saw on the Discovery Channel, it’s really cool, right?

Contrary to what some people think, safaris are possible in many countries. We have listed here the best destinations to go on safari. Follow and discover the possibilities that you never imagined!

South Africa

Also known in Africa as a “game drive”, the safari is seen as a new transformative experience for all tourists who enter this adventure.

It may even seem a little dangerous, however the car is well guided by two highly trained and trained professionals.

One is the ranger, guide and driver, the second is the tracker, a kind of helper who also guides the tour and chooses the best places to see the animals up close and take legendary photos.


Still in Africa, Madagascar is one of the largest islands and is located in the southeast of the continent bathed by the Indian Ocean.

Another African paradise, the wildlife and nature of Madagascar is virtually untouchable, and the contact between animals and humans is minimized. So, here your safari will be truly wild and unforgettable.

A disadvantage in relation to the African safari is the price, which in most cases ends up being more expensive than a trip to the Caribbean, for example.


What few people know is that there is also a Safari in India, and they are phenomenal.

There are several National Parks there and in three of them you can see the famous Bengal Tiger up close.

We can say that India is a great wildlife sanctuary, in addition, India is the second most populous nation in the world and it is also where we can find exotic animals that we only find there.


For true nature lovers and incredible adventures, Chile is an excellent option for those going on their first safari.

In Chile we find Parque Safári in Rancagua, which in turn offers several attractions, and one of them is undoubtedly the most exciting of all: Leones Safari, which is done in an open vehicle, only protected by railings, too, right?


Brazil is one of the richest countries in wildlife, so it is possible to see many animals and enjoy an environment with a wealth of natural beauty. The Brazilian Pantanal stands out as a destination for incredible safaris at an affordable price.

In the region, you can see up close the famous jaguars, alligators and several other wild animals. In addition to enjoying a rich flora, which provides wonderful photographic tours. It is not by chance that it is possible to meet several foreigners during this wonderful tour.

What is the best country to go on safari?

Among the options presented, and by evaluations of millions of people who have already gone on safaris, the Brazilian Pantanal is among the best options from which to go on safari, and in addition it is one of the places where the price is more accessible.

How about getting to know this wonderful place and eternalizing this trip in your life? Taking safaris in the Pantanal is extraordinary!

Wild Jaguar offers international packages for safaris in Brazilian lands, there are thousands of tourists every year, you cannot be left out. So get in touch with us and have a trip like never before in your life.


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