Travel from Detroit to a Safari Tour in the Pantanal

The Brazilian Pantanal is an extensive region, occupying about 250,000 square kilometers in the central-western part of Brazil, being the largest floodplain on the planet. Source of inspiration for various manifestations of Brazilian culture, such as music and literature, for example, its extreme natural beauty attracts thousands of tourists every year. They come from all over the world, looking for the wildlife experience in the region.

Its wide variety of species, both fauna and flora, and also beautiful flooded landscapes make the Pantanal tours an unforgettable adventure. There are hundreds of birds, mammals, fish and reptiles, of different sizes, which attract the eyes of visitors and the lenses of those who are passionate about capturing beautiful photographs. All of this makes the Pantanal trip an enchanting experience.

With Wild Jaguar Safaris you will have different options for safari tour pantanal, which can include bird watching, wildlife tours, photographic tours (whether you are a professional or an amateur photographer).

Ask questions right now on how to get out of  Detroit and get to the Pantanal tour

We always value the best service to our customers, providing comfort and variety of resources at all times.

We have the best guides, who are specialized and know the whole region and the animals’ life habits. The deep knowledge of the Pantanal life makes our guides able to guarantee the best use of each tour of the Jaguar Safari Brasil, with impressive sightings of jaguars, otters, ocelots and the famous jaguars.


We also offer exclusive tours with special conditions for tour groups for the park safari. Embark on this exciting journey of deep connection with nature, in the heart of the Brazilian Pantanal, one of the best places in South America for contact and observation of wildlife.

Enjoy and confirm your trip leaving Detroit for a trip in the Pantanal


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