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The slogan #PatanalForLife is Wild Jaguar Photographic Safaris mission to not only showcase the Pantanal through a once in a lifetime wildlife experience but also help support local communities and conservation efforts throughout the region. We strongly believe that connecting eco-tourism to benefit the people and the environment will help the preservation of the Pantanal, that it so desperately is needing.

Wild Jaguar Photographic Safaris is proud to help launch social projects that will truly make a difference in the Pantanal. We are immensely proud to be part of the roots of this land, and we will do what we can to help protect them.


The #PantanalForLife was created in order to help and promote effective projects in the Pantanal. The objective is that all our clients have access to the information of each project, making is easier to learn more and get involved. For that to happen, we link our website with tabs for each project. Within each tab you will have a detailed explanation of the projects where our customers can feel free to browse and access the donation link.

Donations will not be made to us, the donation link will take our customers to the project page, where the desired donation will be made there. The purpose of this page is to facilitate the contact of our customers and those curious about important projects within the Pantanal. Our goal is to give visibility to projects that take care of our fauna, flora and population. We hope that this initiative, #Pantanalforlife, will pave the way for other likeminded agencies to join along and help build these wonderful efforts to save the Pantanal up!


When a customer purchases a package with Wild Jaguar Photographic Safaris, he is automatically helping with the conservation of the ecosystem and the integration of the local people with tourism and promoting a better life for each of them. Starting in 2021, we will give 10 % of the company’s profits to mentioned projects!

We hope to be able to collaborate in the best way for the conservation of our home, heart, and soul.

Projects that #Pantanalforlife support


The project to collect basic food baskets for local families was created in order to help riverside families who lived on ecotourism or fishing tourism in the region and who unfortunately were directly affected by the covid-19 crisis.

Created in the middle of the year 2020, this project has been helping local families to survive during this process of crisis in the local tourism.

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