Booking with Wild Jaguar Safaris during Covid-19

Booking with Wild Jaguar Safaris during Covid-19

Wild Jaguar Safaris: sadly, we know that now is not the time to travel. We don’t know when it will be, but we do know that when travel comes back, it will be epic. We will be reunited, and we will reconnect our guests with Pantanal. Our job right now is to make sure we are on hand to guide our clients and guests through Covid-19, whether it involves postponing, cancelling or planning a new Northern Pantanal adventure.

The world we live in today is quite different from what it was just a few weeks ago. We are collectively living through the most harrowing crisis of our lifetime, but we are determined to rise to this generational challenge. We will continue to look to tourism as the force that uplifts Pantanal poorest communities and protects her wildlife.

Tourism not only enriches the lives of our incredible guests, but supports millions of livelihoods across Pantanal. As such, we at Wild Jaguar Safaris are committed to redoubling our efforts, to ensure we help maintain decades of conservation built on the foundation of bringing guests to Wetland soil.

Nothing brings us more joy than the ability to share our passion for Pantanal with our guests, so whether you are postponing or planning your next Northern Pantanal holiday, we encourage all our guests to keep dreaming of your Pantanal adventure, because at its heart, Pantanal represents the spirit of belonging and connection that we are all seeking right now.

Here are a few FAQ’s that will hopefully provide our guests, and those looking to travel to Pantanal.

Jaguar Safaris | Postponement of existing bookings

Our team will go the extra mile to move your holiday to a time that is more suitable.
Jaguar Safaris

We recognize that given the current travel bans, quarantines and social distancing requirements imposed on us all during this time, it is unlikely that travel to Pantanal, is going to be possible for the foreseeable future – and no one is more disappointed than us!

In the first instance, on behalf of myself, our Wild Jaguar Safaris team and all our logistic partners, in addition to the communities and conservation projects we serve, we want to encourage you not to cancel your dream Pantanal holiday, but to rather postpone and rebook to visit Northern Pantanal at a later, more convenient time. For those of our guests whose travel plans have been disrupted by Covid-19 specifically, we are ready to guide you through every step of the postponement process.

Jaguar Safari postponed

Your flexibility in supporting a postponement, and your intention to return, would mean that we at Wild Jaguar Safaris, in addition to our many partners, can keep the home fires burning and many of our staff employed.

In an effort to provide viable alternatives to cancelling your Pantanal holiday, we are ready to provide various options with respect to postponements.

  • Book New Dates for Jaguar Safari

We will re-book your itinerary to visit Pantanal at a later, more convenient time. Under this option, we will re-secure all the logistical and accommodation requirements at dates that are suitable for you. As 2021 is building up to be a bumper travel year, as everyone makes up for 2020, bear in mind that Pantanal hotels and lodges are mostly small, properties with limited availability. To avoid disappointment and best meet your new date requirements, we recommend that our guests settle on postponement dates as quickly as possible.

  • Book New Dates Later

If you don’t have dates just yet, and would like to wait for more certainty around when to travel, an amendment to our Terms and Conditions will ensure your current deposit payment is protected against future travel. We will temporarily cancel your existing booking, while holding all deposits, both with ourselves and with our partner hotels, lodges and logistics providers to ensure that when you do have dates and are ready to travel, we are able to re-book your itinerary without delay.

  • When should I make the decision to postpone?

At the heart of this Covid-19 crisis lies a great deal of uncertainty, and despite all the scenario analysis, forecasts and assumptions, we simply do not know with certainty when international travel will resume. As such, working with both our guests and our partners, we continue to work on the principle of making a full assessment 60 days prior to your scheduled departure.
At this point in time, based on whether travel looks likely or unlikely, given continued or less restrictive travel bans, quarantines and social distancing requirements, we will engage and advise you accordingly.

  • If I postpone – when should I postpone to?

Using the Brazilian Government’s risk assessment strategy, worst-case scenario, uninterrupted international travel is expected to resume February 2021 into March 2021. While we certainly hope for a faster recovery, that would allow for international flights from December 2020 onwards, we continue to plan for the worst and hope for the best. In light of this assessment, for guests wishing for greater certainty, our recommendation is to postpone to a date after 1 March 2021.

Jaguar Safari

Cancelation for Jaguar Safari

While grateful for the support of guests able to postpone their travel, we recognise that in some instances guests are simply unable to avoid cancellation. In order to ensure we offer viable alternatives to cancellations, in the form of postponement options, guests wishing to cancel confirmed bookings, will be subject to our standard terms and conditions, and our 30% non-refundable deposit policy will apply.

Despite having done a considerable amount of work upfront to design and book our guests Pantanal Safaris, a considerable amount of these deposit payments have already been paid over to our hotel, lodge and logistical partners on the terms of their own non-refundable deposit requirements to secure availability; many of these partners continue to enforce these terms and conditions.

Planning your Northern Pantanal Safari during Covid-19?

Let’s work together to bring your Pantanal adventure to life when we can travel again.
Jaguar Safari

Many guests have asked us if now is a good time to plan and book their next Northern Pantanal adventure. With a strong conviction that this moment will pass and travel will be back, our immediate attention is focused on how we guide our guests wishing to still plan and book through these uncertain times.

Our conviction comes from the belief that in addition to the incredible experiences Pantanal has to offer, the shared humanity of this crisis, which is truly global, has already seen millions of people and businesses stepping up to support those in need. We believe the established indirect and direct connection between tourism and poverty alleviation, education and wildlife preservation will be a strong motivator for our guests to come back to Pantanal in support of these.

The reality is as global destinations and source markets reopen, guests will have a plethora of options available for travel. So, for guests who wish to travel with a conscious and give back, Pantanal should be at the top of your travel list. 
Community upliftment and wildlife preservation is central to the Wild Jaguar Safaris story, so when asked whether now is a good time to start planning and booking your Pantanal adventure, the answer is a resounding yes.

New Booking Terms & Conditions | Covid-19

The benefit of planning your future trip now is that you’ll have more time to do research
Jaguar Safari

While Covid-19 has thoroughly rained on our 2020 travel parade, we like to believe that no matter how dark the storm clouds get, there’s always a silver lining to be found! Seeing as we’re unable to travel right now, this is the perfect time to plan for when we can.

Tourism not only enriches the lives of our incredible guests, but supports millions of livelihoods across Pantanal. As such, we at Wild Jaguar Safaris are committed to redoubling our efforts, to ensure we help maintain decades of conservation, by encouraging guests to pick Pantanal as their holiday destination of choice.

To support these efforts, during this uncertain time, we have amended our standard terms and conditions to provide our clients with additional certainty around their future travel, allowing added benefit, should clients be directly impacted by Covid-19.

Our Money-Back Guarantee – 100% Free Cancellation With Wild Jaguar Safaris

New bookings made from August 2020 with a travel date anytime from March 2021 onwards; may cancel the complete Rhino Africa itinerary (activities, hotels and tours) that is booked through us, free of charge up to 60 days before your departure and get 100% of your deposit back. This guarantee and amendment is only applicable to an inability to travel due to possible complications associated with Covid-19, such as travel bans and quarantine requirements that may still be in place, preventing travel from taking place.

When should I Book?

Pantanal Safaris

Pantanal is seasonal when it comes to wildlife like The best time to see jaguars or the best time to do birdwatching. The Given limited availability due to the bespoke nature of wildlife tourism, it is highly recommended that when adding Pantanal to your holiday destination of choice, you start planning and booking your Northern Pantanal Safari some 6 to 12 months in advance.

The consequences of Covid-19 means that all guests destined to travel to Pantanal for this year’s peak safari season (May to November) have had to either postpone to 2021 or cancel. Given a trip to Pantanal is often a “once in a lifetime” experience, the vast majority of guests have opted to postpone, meaning availability for 2021 is harder to find as ever.

If we add the risk assessment strategy, worst-case scenario, as discussed above, in the interest of certainty, our recommendation is that guests continue to plan and book their Pantanal holiday, but for travel after March 2021. 

Why should I book now?

Taking advantage of the tail-winds Covid-19 provides, here are a few good reasons why booking your next Pantanal Adventure is the best thing you can do right now.  

  1. Flights have never been cheaper than right now –  you don’t have to travel now but booking now will save you money for when you do; when the Covid-19 outbreak is over.
  2. You can book a 2021 Pantanal Holiday at 2020 prices.
  3. You get more unmissable sales if you book your next Pantanal Adventure right now!
  4. You get more value for your money in Brazil right now due to highly favourable exchange rates.
  5. It’s the perfect time to ensure you get front row seats to the wide variety of wildlife spectaculars in 2021. Since the Jaguar Safari to the magnificent encounter with the Giant anteater.
  6. You help keep the home fires burning and many of staff employed, whilst continuing to uplift communities and protect Pantanal endangered wildlife. 

Let’s Start Planning. We are expecting you!


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