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What are the best places to go on vacation? Find out here!

Beach or safari? City or mountain? Cold or heat? Choosing the next destination is a big challenge when we want to go on vacation. That’s why we love to list the best places to go on vacation. One of the most anticipated moments in the lives of those who work all year long is the […]

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Where to find the jaguar? Understand about the habits of this feline

Anyone who wants to know where to find the jaguar should keep in mind that they will need to bet on safaris in the wetland, as the largest cat in the American continent is strongly present in it. Despite originating in the southwestern United States, reaching as far north as Argentina, jaguars are extinct in […]

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Plants of the Pantanal: meet the most incredible species

In Brazil, in the states of Mato Grosso and Mato Grosso do Sul, large varieties of plants from the Pantanal are located. There are countless species of shrubs, terrestrial and aquatic plants, which greatly enrich the vegetation of this region. Another richness that deserves to be highlighted is the exuberant fauna present, together constituting the […]

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Types of photo on jaguar safari

Whether you’re a professional or an amateur photographer, a photo safari experience in Northern Pantanal is unforgettable. With Pantanal landscapes and wildlife as your subject, there’s something new to capture around every corner. Take home some of your best Pantanal memories. Boat Photo Safari Pantanal is arguably one of the best photo safari destinations in […]

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Take a tour of the northern Brazilian Pantanal from the Ufa

Brazil is certainly one of the most fascinating countries in the world to venture out to explore and discover. The gigantic territoriality of the biodiversity of fauna, flora and biomes are exclusive to this nation. The Brazilian people are hospitable by nature and love the presence of foreigners, always being friendly and helpful in their […]

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