Animals of the Pantanal: wonderful species of Brazil

Animals of the Pantanal: wonderful species of Brazil

Have you ever imagined being part of a safari in Brazil and being able to meet up close with wild animals only seen on television? The Pantanal is the largest wetland in the world with a diversity of reptiles, birds and mammals that enchant and seduce adventurous natives and nature lovers. Meet the main animals of the Pantanal.

Can you imagine having lunch and seeing one of the most beautiful mammals in the world, or being enchanted by the beauty of the colors and songs of native birds? These are some of the attractions offered by animals in the Pantanal.Are you curious? Continue reading and learn more about it!

Why go on a safari in the Pantanal?

Taking a safari in the Pantanal is synonymous with knowing the diversity of animals that live in the region and also marveling at the local flora. This discovery is one of the biggest and most surprising sensations you can have. After all, the nature of the Pantanal needs no introduction for those who like to enjoy the feeling of adventure and new discoveries.

The Wild Jaguar Safaris provides you with the best and most captivating ride to the Pantanal, offering increased adrenaline and a lot of adventure on your rides. There, you can go hiking, boat and car routes, among others, always aiming for your satisfaction on this journey.

Animals of the Pantanal

Animals of pantanal

Pantanal fauna is the cradle of exploration and discovery of several species such as: birds, mammals, reptiles, among others. Below, find out about some of the most sought after species – which are at risk of extinction – that inhabit the Pantanal.


The jaguar can weigh about 110 kg and measure 2.10 m. It has in its food: birds, fish, tapirs and even alligators in the diet. In its procreation it can reach to have four puppies in a single gestation.

Animals of the Pantanal Tour

Blue Arara

Also known as great blue macaw, this bird lives in flocks and has in its nature the peculiar parental care. It can reach about 1.0 m in length, from the head to the tail, and 1.20 in wingspan, with an approximate weight of 1.3 kg. It has chestnuts in its main food and can live for up to 50 years.


The ocelot, like most cats, is a nocturnal animal. Their diet is based on other smaller animals, such as: reptiles, rodents, birds, fish, among others. With the exploitation of natural resources, research shows that, unfortunately, in the last decades, there has been a decrease in the numbers of felines, making it necessary to create protection and conservation programs.


At night, the tapir feeds on fruits, leaves, grasses and sprouts, being essential for the distribution of seeds, through its feces. As the second largest mammal in South America, it can measure 1.70 to 2.0 m in length and weigh up to 300 kg. This huge animal is related to horses and rhinos. Its biggest predators are the jaguar and the puma.

The otter, better known as a giant otter, is a mammal that lives in rivers and lakes in the Amazon Basin. It can reach 180 cm, 65 of which are only from the tail and can weigh up to around 26 kg. Their diet is based on small mammals, water birds, fish and eggs.

Is it possible to get to know some of these Pantanal animals up close?
With Wild Jaguar Safaris it is possible. Exclusive packages are offered for those who like privacy and also for fun lovers who like to join friends to enjoy the magical moment, which is to know the exotic beauty of the Pantanal. The team accompanies you, with dynamism and total security, to become the greatest experience lived.

As we have seen, the Pantanal is certainly a perfect destination for those who like adventure, excitement and taking beautiful photographs. When you go through this adventure, you will have the conviction that you were contemplated for being able to be among these animals of the Pantanal of unparalleled beauty

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